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For the first time in history: T20 World Cup tournament will be held in America

Published - 28-MAY-2024 7:46 IST | Updated - 28-MAY-2024 7:46 IST

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First time in T-20 World Cup: Tournament in America

2024 T20 World Cup will begin on June 1 (7.30 pm local time), with co-hosts USA taking on Canada in the first game, and run till June 29. The first match will be held at Grand Prairie Stadium in Dallas. The final will be played in Bridgetown, Barbados.

Where will T20 World Cup 2024 be held?

West Indies and America will jointly host the T20 World Cup. This will be the first time that the USA will host a major ICC tournament. West Indies has previously hosted two Men's World Cups – a 50-over edition in 2007 and a T20 World Cup in 2010. Two Women's T20 World Cups have also been held in the Caribbean.

Which teams are participating in T20 World Cup 2024?

This year edition will feature 20 teams - the most in any T20 World Cup. Apart from hosts West Indies and USA, the eight best teams from the 2022 edition also gained automatic qualification – England, Pakistan, India, New Zealand, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Australia and Netherlands. Afghanistan and Bangladesh also gained automatic qualification through their place in the men's T20I team rankings.

Which teams have won the Men's T20 World Cup before?

Before this, seven teams have won the Men's T20 World Cup. India won the inaugural edition in 2007, while West Indies and England are the only teams to win it twice. England is also the current champion.

List of winners:

2007 - India

2009 - Pakistan

2010 - England

2012 - West Indies

2014 - Sri Lanka

2016 - West Indies

2021 - Australia

2022 - England

The T20 World Cup is starting from June 2 in America and West Indies. Know 6 such special things which will be seen for the first time.

Hosting two separate boards

West Indies and USA Cricket Association have got the hosting of this World Cup. For the first time, two boards will host the T20 World Cup. Earlier, the tournament was hosted 8 times by only one board.

Hosting to America

America has got the hosting of any ICC event for the first time. America will also host the Olympics in 2028, in which cricket has been included.

America will become the second Associate Member nation to host the T20 World Cup. Associate means those who have not been given the status of playing Test cricket by ICC. Before America, the 2021 T20 World Cup was played in the associate country UAE. However, it was organized by India, because the hosting rights of the tournament were with BCCI.

Will the Associate Board host the ICC tournament for the first time?

No, before this the Associate Members have hosted the Champions Trophy and ODI World Cup. The Champions Trophy in 1998 was hosted by associate nation Bangladesh and the ODI World Cup in 1999 was hosted by Scotland, Ireland, Wales and the Netherlands along with England.

20 teams will play for the first time

For the first time, 20 teams will participate in the T-20 World Cup. This time 20 teams were divided into 4 different groups of 5 teams each. Top 2-2 teams of each group will go to 2 groups of Super-8 stage. Here there will be semi-finals between the top 2 teams of both the groups, the final will be played between the winning teams on June 29 in Barbados.

Three teams will make their World Cup debut

8 out of 20 teams have qualified for the 2022 World Cup by finishing in the top-8 positions. 2 teams placed on the basis of ranking. America and West Indies took part as host nations. The remaining 8 teams won the regional qualifiers and made it to the tournament. Canada and Uganda will make their T20 World Cup debut. America will also play the T20 World Cup for the first time.

Pitches made abroad for the first time

A drop-in pitch is being used at Nassau County Stadium in New York. Drop-in pitches are built outside the ground and then installed in the stadium. The Nassau Stadium pitch was built in Australia. In January this year, 10 pitches were brought by sea to Florida, USA, where after preparation for 5 months, they were fitted in the Nassau Stadium in May itself. 6 out of 10 pitches are for practice, while 8 matches will be played on 4 pitches. For the first time, pitches made in another country are going to be used in a World Cup.

Modular Stadium

New York will not have an international cricket stadium until December 2023. The modular stadium was constructed here in the last 6 months. Its pitch was brought from Australia, while the stands were brought from Formula-1 competition. This stadium will be able to seat 34 thousand spectators.

Modular stadium will be used for the first time in the World Cup. 8 group stage matches including India-Pakistan match will be played here. The special thing is that after the tournament it will be converted into a park.

Stop Clock Rule for 

Stop clock rule will be used for the first time in an ICC tournament. The bowling team will get only 60 seconds time between 2 overs. After the end of the over, the third umpire will start the timer on the TV screen installed in the field. If the next over starts after 60 seconds, the field umpire will warn the captain of the fielding team twice.

If it takes more than 60 seconds to bowl the next over three times in an innings, a penalty of 5 runs will be imposed. These 5 runs will be added to the score of the batting team. The bowling team will be penalized for every third mistake in the innings. To manage time, the trial of this rule was started in December last year. Which has now been made permanent.

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