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ICC T20 World Cup 2024: Team India confirmed its place in the semi-finals

Published - 21-JUN-2024 7:54 IST | Updated - 21-JUN-2024 7:54 IST

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ICC T20 World Cup 2024: Team India confirmed its place in the semi-finals by winning 1 match of the Super-8 round

India defeated Afghanistan by 47 runs in the Super-8 of the T20 World Cup. With this, India has strengthened its hopes of reaching the semi-finals. On the other hand, Afghanistan will now have to win both the last matches to reach the semi-finals, in Group-2 there will be a match between England and South Africa. The winning team's chances of reaching the last four will increase, while the losing team's path will become difficult.

India has 2 matches left against Bangladesh and Australia

India scored 181 runs on the difficult pitch of Barbados, then stopped Afghanistan at a score of just 134 runs. With a 47-run win, India is in second place in the table with 2 points in Group-1. The team's run rate is also +2.35. After defeating Bangladesh today, Australia has reached the top of the table.

India will now face Bangladesh on June 22 and Australia on June 24. India played 13 T20s against Bangladesh, won 12 and lost only one. By defeating Bangladesh, Team India will become a contender to reach the semi-finals. India's T-20 record against Australia is better. If Team India wins this match as well, then playing in the semi-finals will be confirmed. Even after losing, Team India will have to depend on the results and run rate of the other teams to qualify.

Afghanistan path becomes difficult

After losing the first match in the Super-8, Afghanistan's hopes of reaching the semi-finals have diminished. Now the team will have to win both the matches against Australia and Bangladesh. Even after winning these 2 matches, Afghanistan will have to keep its run rate better than the other teams to reach the semi-finals.

What is the situation of Australia-Bangladesh?

In Group-1, Australia defeated Bangladesh by 28 runs in the match played this morning. This was the first match of both in the Super-8. With this victory, Australia has reached the first position in the points table of Group-1 and their path to the semi-finals has become easier. At the same time, Bangladesh's difficulties have increased.

Important match between England and Africa

In Group-2, a match will be played between England and South Africa from 8 pm today. England defeated West Indies, while South Africa defeated America in the first match. Whichever team wins today, will win the second match in Super-8. On the other hand, the losing team's difficulties will increase.

If England wins today, its last match will be against the associate team America, here again the defending champion team will have more chances of winning. That is, if England wins today, the team's chances of playing the semi-finals will also increase to a great extent.

If South Africa wins today, its last match will be against West Indies. There can be a tough competition here, so Africa will have to win today's match. If the team loses, then victory in the last match will become necessary to play the semi-finals. Still, to make it to the last-4, they will have to keep their run rate better.

West Indies-America will have to win all the matches

The remaining 2 teams in Group-2 are West Indies and America. Both have lost their first matches, that is, to reach the semi-finals, both need to win in the last two matches. Both the teams will clash against each other on 22nd June at 6 am, the winning team will keep its hopes alive while the losing team will be out of the race.

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