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ICC T20 World Cup 2024: USA-Ireland match cancelled due to rain

Published - 15-JUN-2024 2:17 IST | Updated - 15-JUN-2024 2:17 IST

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ICC T20 World Cup 2024: USA-Ireland match cancelled due to rain

The USA-Ireland match in the T20 World Cup has been cancelled due to rain. Both teams got one point each. In this way, the host US team from Group-A has qualified for the Super-8, while the 2009 champion Pakistan has been eliminated from the league round itself. With a place in the Super-8, the USA has qualified for the 2026 T20 World Cup to be hosted by India and Sri Lanka.

This match was to be played in Lauderhill, Florida from 8:00 pm on Friday, but it started raining before the match. After the rain stopped for a while, the umpires inspected the ground 3 times. Finally, it was decided to cancel the match due to the outfield being wet.

The umpires inspected the pitch 3 times before announcing the match cancellation. The field area has been evacuated for the last time due to lightning warning. Then it started raining too.

The sun came out in Lauderhill just before the toss, but the outfield of the ground was wet. Due to this, the toss was delayed and the umpires had to inspect the ground repeatedly.

It rained heavily in Lauderhill for about 2 hours before the match started. During this time, the pitch was covered, but the outfield was filled with water.

USA got 5 points with one point, team in Super-8

USA got one point from this match and the team's total became 5 points. With this, the team has confirmed its place in Super-8. Because, Pakistan can now reach only 4 points even after winning the next match.

USA is the sixth team to reach Super-8, now 2 places are vacant

Host America has become the sixth team to enter the Super-8 of the tournament. It is the second team from Group-A to reach the top-8. Now a total of 2 places are vacant in Super-8. Now one team each from Group-B and Group-D will qualify for Super-8.

New Zealand and Sri Lanka are also out

Before Pakistan, New Zealand and Sri Lanka teams have also been out of the World Cup. New Zealand were knocked out of the tournament with Afghanistan's win over Papua New Guinea on Friday morning. While Sri Lanka is at the bottom of the race for the Super-8.

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