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ICC T20 World Cup 2024: Will India and England clash in the semi-finals?

Published - 24-JUN-2024 5:21 IST | Updated - 24-JUN-2024 5:21 IST

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ICC T20 World Cup 2024: Will India and England clash in the semi-finals?

Will Team India play the semi-finals? If it does, who will it face? Will the West Indies team also play the semi-finals? What will happen to South Africa and Australia? The answers to all these questions can be found today in the T-20 World Cup.

First of all, the fate of South Africa and West Indies will be decided

England had qualified for the semi-finals from Group-2 of Super-8 on Sunday itself. Today, the second team of this group will be decided. On Monday morning, South Africa is facing West Indies in the last match of this group. The team that wins this match will enter the semi-finals along with England.

Who will be the table topper of Group-2

If the South African team defeats the West Indies, then it will go to the semi-finals as the topper of Group-2 with 6 points. The England team will be at the second position with 4 points.

If the West Indies team defeats South Africa, then England and West Indies will go to the semi-finals. The table topper between them will be decided by net run rate. Currently, England's net run rate is better. However, West Indies can go ahead of it.

What is the situation of Group-1

Today India vs Australia match is to be held. The situation of this group can be clear to a great extent from the result of this match.

Equations of India-Australia match

Condition-1- India wins

If the Indian team wins this match, then it will reach the semi-finals by remaining at number-1 with 6 points. Australia will have only 2 points, although it will not be out as soon as it loses the match. Then Australia will have to pray that the Bangladesh team defeats Afghanistan.

Condition-2- The match gets washed out due to rain

If this happens, then the Indian team will reach the semi-finals by topping the table with 5 points. Australia will have 3 points. Then Australia can reach the semi-finals only when Bangladesh defeats Afghanistan in the last match.

Condition-3- If India loses

Then both India and Australia will have four points each. Then which will be the top-2 teams of this group will be known only from the Afghanistan and Bangladesh match. If Afghanistan wins that match, then it will also have four points. In this situation, the top-2 teams with better net run rate among India, Australia and Afghanistan will go to the semi-finals. In case of Afghanistan's defeat, India and Australia will reach the semi-finals.

Can India be out of the race?

This is very difficult to happen. The Indian team can be out of the semi-final race only if it loses against Australia by a margin of more than 41 runs and the Afghanistan team defeats Bangladesh by 83 or more runs.

Who will India play against if it reaches the semi-finals?

Right now, there is a high possibility that the Indian team will reach the semi-finals by finishing first in Group-1. In this situation, India will face the team that is in second place in Group-2. This match will be held in Guyana.

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